Security 'must have' Plugins

Three WordPress Plugins you must have on your site if you want it to be secure from hackers.

All In One WP Firewall – This is one of the best out there. (There are a few features that won't work in this plugin because the site is hosted on Windows servers and those features aren't necessary.) Make sure you configure every section.

Anti-Malware Scanner—Always good to do at least one scan especially if the WP version and Plugins haven't been updated in a while. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, WP has become a target for hackers.

JetPack – There are a lot of features this adds, but the most important one is that it will automatically update your plugins. So, since the latest version of WP will also automatically update, with the addition of JetPack, the entire site will automatically update itself as new versions are released.
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